More reliable drawing cloning

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

More reliable drawing cloning

Cloning is used frequently in drawings for creating fabrication drawings. In Tekla Structures 2024, when you use cloning to create assembly drawings, you now automatically get more correct results, so less adjusting is needed. And when the model changes, your drawings stay up to date better.

The improvements in the core cloning engine deliver enhancements to the following features:

  • The Smart create feature in fabrication drawings. This feature has been improved focusing mainly on steel product drawings but concrete drawings also benefit.
  • The classic cloning feature for fabrication drawings in Document manager and Master drawing catalog.

The quality of the documentation generated by the Smart create feature in fabrication drawings has been improved primarily for assembly drawings:

  • Improved section view creation
  • Improved placement of views and dimensions for parts and bolts

Examples of cloning improvements

The following examples show how the annotation and view placement has been improved for similar assemblies with different amount of model objects.

To see the images in full size, click the Full-size image link under each image. To open the link in another browser window, right-click the link and select the appropriate command.

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