Tekla Model Sharing: selection for data storage location

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Tekla Structures

Tekla Model Sharing: selection for data storage location

You can now select the geographical location where the Tekla Model Sharing model data is stored.

The possibility to select where the model data is stored and accessed for each project helps to comply with project requirements where the data is required to be stored in a specific geographical location.

The data storage location can be selected only when you start to share a model. If you use the on-premises sharing service for Tekla Model Sharing, you cannot select the data storage location.

  1. On the File menu, click Sharing > Start sharing.

    The Start sharing dialog box opens.

  2. Select the service from the Service list. If needed, enter a Code and a Description for the model.

  3. In Model data storage location, select the location for the model data storage.

    There are four model data storage locations available: North America (Virginia/East US), Australia (New South Wales/Australia East), Asia (Singapore/Southeast Asia), and Europe (Ireland/North Europe). The locations are the same locations as in Trimble Connect.

    Select the region closest to the majority of the users in the model to improve the performance.

    Note that you can set the data storage location only if the Tekla Model Sharing administrator of your organization has allowed that in Management Console for Tekla Model Sharing. Administrators can set a default data storage location to be used in the organization. For more information, see Manage organization settings in the Management Console.

  4. Invite users to the model, and click the Start button to start sharing your model.

    After the model is shared, the model data storage location is visible in the Users and data dialog box.

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