Integrated Bridge creator for bridge design

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Integrated Bridge creator for bridge design

The Bridge creator component that was previously available in Tekla Warehouse is now included in the Tekla Structures 2024 installation. You can now start working on your bridge projects in Tekla Structures without extra downloads and installations.

You can access Bridge creator using the Applications & components catalog in Tekla Structures.

If you are using the Bridge designer role in the Default environment, you can find Bridge creator easily also on the Bridges tab on the ribbon.

Bridge creator includes all the bridge design capabilities from Trimble Novapoint, and allows you to:

  • Place tension cables using .xls (Microsoft Excel) input

    Note that in addition to bridges, this functionality can also be utilized when modeling other long-span structures, such as tensioned beams and slabs in wide-span buildings.

  • Import road alignments in LandXML format, or use construction lines

  • Define complex cross sections

  • Use absolute or relative levels for longitudinal extrusion of cross sections along the road line

  • Extrude the deck with parabolic longitudinal variation to create an arch underneath the deck

  • Place detailed components and beams constrained along any line

The other bridge tools, Beam extruder and three cast-in-place reinforcement tools, are still available as extensions in Tekla Warehouse.

For more instructions for Bridge creator, see the Using Bridge creator section in Tekla User Assistance.

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