Using content from Tekla Warehouse

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Using content from Tekla Warehouse

From Tekla Warehouse, you can insert content directly into an open Tekla Structures model, or you can download files manually and then import them to Tekla Structures.

In Tekla Warehouse, content is organized into collections. Collections contain content items that are logical groups of content, for example, product catalogs or model templates. Content items might have versions. Different versions of the same content work with different versions of Tekla Structures.

Tekla Warehouse has the following content groups:

  • 3D products
  • Custom components
  • Applications
  • Profiles
  • Materials
  • Bolts
  • Rebars
  • Model setup files
  • Drawing setup files
  • Report templates
  • Environment files

If you have installed Tekla Structures, the Tekla Structures collections are visible in Tekla Warehouse. Tekla Structures collections contain official Tekla Structures content that you can use in your models. In Tekla Structures collections, the content is grouped by geographical area. There is also a global folder for content that is not location specific.

You can find content by searching for content items or by browsing through the collections.

For a detailed list of content and file types allowed in Tekla Warehouse, see Files and file types for Tekla Warehouse content.

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