Uploading content to Tekla Warehouse

Tekla Structures
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Tekla Structures

Uploading content to Tekla Warehouse

You can add various types of content to Tekla Warehouse. You can create online, network, or local collections, and then add content to them.

You can include different types of content in the same content item, for example, custom components and profiles.

You can add content to online collections as an individual or as an organization.

You cannot add content to the Tekla Structures collections in Tekla Warehouse. They contain official Tekla Structures content that you can use in your models.


You can add content to Tekla Warehouse collections by clicking the Upload button, or by browsing for a collection, switching on the editor mode and clicking Add content.

For a detailed list of content and file types allowed in Tekla Warehouse, see Uploading content into Tekla Warehouse: files and file types.

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