Getting started with Tekla Warehouse

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Getting started with Tekla Warehouse

Tekla Warehouse is a service for collaboration, and for storing and sharing Tekla Structures content. Tekla Warehouse provides centralized access to a wide range of content that you can use in your Tekla Structures models. You can download content from Tekla Warehouse and insert it into your Tekla Structures models, or you can add and share Tekla Structures content in Tekla Warehouse as an individual or as an organization. You can use Tekla Warehouse online, offline, locally, or on a network.

Tekla Warehouse contains 3D model products, custom components, applications, profiles, material grades, bolts, reinforcement, and templates for Tekla Structures.

In Tekla Warehouse, content is organized into collections. Collections contain content items that are logical groups of content, for example, product catalogs or model templates. Content items may have versions. Different versions of the same content work with different versions of Tekla Structures.

Using Tekla Warehouse online or locally

In addition to fetching content from Tekla Warehouse, you can use Tekla Warehouse for:

  • Publishing your content online.
  • Sharing content via your company network or a commercial file storage and synchronization service.
  • Saving content locally for private use.

Accessing Tekla Warehouse

You can access Tekla Warehouse at

  • In Tekla Structures 21.1 or older, go to File > Open Tekla Warehouse, or click on the General toolbar.
  • In Tekla Structures 2016 or newer, go to the File menu and click Extend > Tekla Warehouse.
  • If you are offline, you can access your local collections and the installed Tekla Structures collections at http://localhost:8092/.

Tekla Warehouse FAQ

For frequently asked questions related to Tekla Warehouse, see Tekla Warehouse FAQ.

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