Insert Tekla Warehouse content into a Tekla Structures model

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Insert Tekla Warehouse content into a Tekla Structures model

You can insert certain types of content from Tekla Warehouse directly into Tekla Structures models.

For example, you can add custom components, profiles, shapes, material grades, bolt assemblies, and reinforcement to Tekla Structures catalogs.

  1. In Tekla Structures, open the model.
  2. Sign in to Tekla Warehouse and do one of the following:
    • Use Search to locate the relevant content item.
    • Go to My Warehouse and browse for the local or network collection from which you want to use content. Then select the collection.
  3. Select the content item to insert.

    If there are different versions of the content, ensure that you insert the version that is compatible with your Tekla Structures version.

  4. Click Insert into model.
  5. Follow the installation instructions:
    1. Before starting the installation in Tekla Structures, make a copy of your model.
    2. In the Tekla Warehouse content installer dialog box, select what happens if a conflict occurs, then click Start installation.
    3. When the installation is finished, click Exit.
The Tekla Warehouse content installer dialog box notifies you when the content has been successfully inserted into the model and allows you to view the installed items and their installation locations.
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