Conflict management in Tekla Warehouse

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Tekla Structures

Conflict management in Tekla Warehouse

When you insert (or download and import) content from Tekla Warehouse into a Tekla Structures model, there may be conflicts between the content to be inserted and the content already existing in the model.

This is how the conflicts are handled:

  • In Tekla Structures catalogs for profiles, materials, bolts, bolt assemblies, components, shapes, reinforcing bars, and reinforcement meshes, the conflict detection is based on object names within the catalog.

    For example, two profiles with the same name cannot exist in the same profile catalog, even if the properties of the profiles are different.

  • For the content downloaded to the model folder (for example, report templates, drawing setup files, .pdf files), the conflict check notifies you if the model folder contains conflicting files.
  • For model templates or cloning templates with the same name as an existing template, the installation fails, and you have to manually download the template and rename it.

    For the model to work, each model or cloning template folder must have the same name as the model database ( .db1 ) in that folder.

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