Modeling improvements

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Modeling improvements

Tekla Structures 2022 comes with the following enhancements related to modeling:

Changes in the autosave interval

The autosave interval for model changes is now based on time, not on the number of commands as previously.

Autosave interval is set in File > Settings > Options, in the General settings.

Previously, the number you entered in the first box was the number of commands you had to run before Tekla Structures saved the model.

Now, the number you enter in the first box is the minutes after which Tekla Structures saves the model. The default is 15 minutes, after which Tekla Structures autosaves your work. The minimum time interval is 2 minutes.

Note that if there are no changes in the model during the autosave interval, the autosave is not triggered.

Splitting plates and slabs

The improved Split command was introduced in Tekla Structures 2021 SP1.

It is now easier to split contour plates and slabs in the model. You no longer need to use a polygon for splitting, or shift the work plane.

To split a plate or slab:

  1. On the Edit tab, click Split.

  2. Select the plate or slab you want to split.

    Bent plates and lofted plates and slabs cannot be split.

  3. Pick the points you want the splitting line to go through.

    Pick the first point and the last point on an edge of the plate or slab.

    Areas with chamfers, cuts, or openings cannot be split. If you try to pick points in these areas, the preview of the splitting line turns red, indicating that splitting is not possible.

Improvements in visualizing bolts

  • When the advanced option XS_DRAW_BOLTS_3D_IN_BOLT_LAYER is set to TRUE, which is the default value, the model views that display bolts as rendered solid objects (using the Exact representation option) open and update faster. This performance improvement is especially noticeable in large models with steel structures.

  • If a bolt has two nuts, the second nut is now shown 30 degrees rotated both in the model and in drawings when using the exact solid representation.

The Make into assembly command has been renamed to Join as sub-assemblies

The Make into assembly command has been renamed to Join as sub-assemblies to make it clearer what is the purpose of the command.

Improvements in copying properties in the property pane

This improvement was already introduced in Tekla Structures 2021 SP5.

When you start copying properties in the property pane, all the properties are now always selected. When you select the objects you want to copy properties to, the check boxes for all property fields are shown and you can still change which properties will be copied, except for those properties which have the same value in the source object and in the target objects.

In the target object properties, you can now switch between the copied new values and the original values by clearing or selecting the check marks next to the properties.

Default value for top-in-form face

In Tekla Structures 2022, if you have not specifically set the top-in-form value, the Show top-in-form face command now highlights the default face, which is the front face of the part. Previously, it only highlighted the part faces that were manually set.

Diagnosing models for unfolding

The Diagnose model command now reports if the unfolded solid cannot be created for a part. Many report properties, like LENGTH, are calculated using the unfolded part solid, so it is important to find and try to fix these solids in the model.

Deforming properties in custom components

In custom component editor, you can now parametrize column and beam deforming properties Cambering, Shortening, Warping angle at end 1, and Warping angle at end 2.

Direct modification handles for custom components

Now the custom components with 2 input points have the direct modification handles available for the input points.

Improvements in inquiring welds

Weld seams that are unrealistically far away from each other are now detected when you inquire welds by using the Inquire object command. The error code list now contains a new error code E7: Weld seams are far apart from each other.

Clicking a switch on ribbon drop-down no longer closes the drop-down

The ribbon drop-down list behavior has been changed when the list contains commands that can be switched on or off. Now the ribbon drop-down list remains open when you switch between the states of these commands.

New material information file for Trimble Connect Visualizer

Predefined materials and their color and transparency information are now read from the materials_ifc.xml file saved in the ..\TeklaStructures\​<version>\​bin\​applications\​Tekla\​Tools\​TrimbleConnectVisualizer\​TrimbleConnectVisualizer_Data\​StreamingAssets folder. Previously, the material information was read from the MaterialTypes.ini file.

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