Improvements in Template Editor, templates, and reports

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Improvements in Template Editor, templates, and reports

Template Editor improvements


  • You can now specify a character for data separation: fVF(data file, lookup value, column#[, separator character])
  • You can now use a preferred column separator of choice. Previously, it was possible to use only spaces as separators. This enables the support for spaces in names, profiles, shapes, and so on, as well as the use of distance lists as input.

  • You can also use blank or empty strings as input.
  • Leading and trailing white space is dropped.
  • Template Editor supports several separators, so " ,\t\n" would make all the space, comma, tab and newline characters separators.

Extending and trimming improvements

  • Extend and trim operations now use projected mark line extension, and, for example, lines are now extended to the intersection point with the projected mark line extension. Previously, the lines were not extended.

Precision improvement

It is now possible to have 32nd and 64th precision in templates, reports, marks and dimensions in imperial units.

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