2022 SP13: Important improvements and fixes

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

2022 SP13: Important improvements and fixes

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Length attributes in rebar marks and tags

The unit setting for CC, CC_CROSS, CC_DIAMETER_CROSS, CC_DIAMETER_LONG, CC_EXACT, CC_EXACT_CROSS, CC_EXACT_LONG and CC_LONG stopped working when a fix was made to get them working in filtering. Our investigations confirmed that these two requirements are contradicting and they cannot work simultaneously. Based on the customer feedback, we have now decided to reverse the previous fix, which means that now the above mentioned attributes no longer work in filtering by default.

You can control this functionality in contentattributes_global.lst. By default, the Unit type is now set to Length for these attributes, which enables the unit settings in drawings but the filtering does not work. If you leave the unit type empty, the filtering works but the unit settings do not.

Here is an example line from contentattributes_global.lst of a situation where the unit settings work in drawings:



Improvements in Rebar mesh view creator

A new option, Bent mesh rotation, has been added for rotating bent meshes. The options are Default, 90, 180, and 270. If you select Default, meshes are always oriented so that the bent rebars are on the horizontal axis.



Defect number Development area Description
TSAC-6641 Steel components

Metsec Std anti-sag bay (23), Metsec Non-std anti-sag (25): Hole centers have been updated when using anti-sag bars between purlins of different depths.

TSAC-6802 Steel components

Corner bolted gusset (57): Previously, when the last selected part was a polygon plate, the gusset was created with an incorrect offset from that polygon plate. This issue has now been fixed.

TSAC-7454 Steel components

Base plate (1004): Previously, when creating a grout plate with the option Above without slope, the cast plate was created at an incorrect position. This issue has now been fixed.

TSAC-7848 Steel components

Windbracing 2 (16): Previously, the part properties - name, material, and class - of the filler plate, washer, nut, and extra nut were incorrectly applied in some cases. This issue has now been fixed.

TSAC-7886 Steel components

Haunch (40): Previously, distances H1 and H2, shown on the Haunch tab, were not correctly applied when the haunch was created as a composite of welded plates. This issue has now been fixed.

TSAC-7899 Steel components

Railings (S77): Previously, some vertical rails were not connected to the bottom rail in some cases. This issue has now been fixed.

TSAC-8004 Steel components

BW Side rail supports (51): Assembly position numbers on the Parts tab have been updated.

TSAC-8040 Steel components

Haunch (40): Previously, weld 9 between the stiffeners and main part was created incorrectly for one of the stiffeners. This issue has now been fixed.

TSAC-8048 Steel components

Base plate (1042): Previously, the class for anchor rods was not correctly applied. This issue has now been fixed.

TSAC-8080 Steel components

End plate (29): Previously, special holes for bolts were not created correctly when bolts were rotated. This issue has now been fixed.

TSAC-8106 Steel components

Wraparound gusset (58): Previously, brace bolts were not created as centered on the secondary part, instead the bolts were offset. This issue has now been fixed.

TSAC-8191 Steel components

Two sided clip angle (143): Previously, some bolts were created incorrectly when the main part profile type was a square tube profile. This issue has now been fixed. 

TSAC-8062 Import, export, interoperability

Layout manager: Previously, an error occurred when exporting to .tflx if two or more exported points had the same name. Now Layout manager shows a warning message that the export cannot be done because .tflx export does not support a situation where two or more exported points have the same name.

TTSD-11623 Import, export, interoperability

IFC2x3 export: Now the IFC2x3 export always writes the license details correctly .

TTSD-58140 Import, export, interoperability

IFC4 export:

  • The IFC4 export now exports revolved beams correctly.
  • The IFC4 export now takes into account the IFC_EXPORT_TYPE UDA, which you can use to force the export to B-rep. This already works for the IFC2x3 export.
TTSD-59928 Import, export, interoperability

IFC4 export: Some reinforcing bars were not exported depending on the selected Cast-in-place export option. This issue has now been fixed.

TTSD-60437 Import, export, interoperability

IFC4 export: Rebars are now exported correctly even when rebar sets have been attached to parts using rebar set modifiers.

TTSD-60445 Import, export, interoperability

Reference models: If you had selected the Get selected objects from model option in the change management, selecting/deselecting many objects could take a long time. This issue has now been fixed.

TTSD-60702 Import, export, interoperability

IFC2x3 export: The Export flat and wide beams as plates option could cause some cuts to not be exported correctly. This issue has now been fixed.

TTSD-61027 Import, export, interoperability

Previously, when you uploaded a model to Trimble Connect, ASSEMBLY_POS was not correct if XS_ASSEMBLY_POSITION_NUMBER_FORMAT_STRING was defined. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-61126 Import, export, interoperability

IFC4 export: Reinforcement meshes were not exported to IFC4 in the USImp environment. This issue has now been fixed.

TTSD-61338 Import, export, interoperability

IFC export: In some rare cases, the Export To Aveva application exported polybeams slightly incorrectly. Internally, the Export To Aveva application uses the IFC export and exports polybeams which exist in 2D plane (like railings) in the extrusion format (and not in the B-rep/surface format as the IFC export does by default).

TTSD-61432 Import, export, interoperability

Point clouds: The file extension of the point cloud files is no longer case sensitive in the import. For example, both .E57 and .e57 are now accepted.

TTSD-61104 Templates and reports

Template Editor: The IsFirst() and IsLast() functions did not work in ValueField formulas. This issue has now been fixed.

TSAC-6560 Drawings

Drawing 2D Library: The detail scale is now correct when you insert a detail in an existing view or place the detail onto paper without creating a new view.

TSAC-8028 Drawings

View filters (.vf) did not work from XS_FIRM or XS_PROJECT subfolders when they were used in view-level dimensioning settings. This issue has now been fixed.

TTSD-61000 Drawings

Creating a circle in a drawing could sometimes cause Tekla Structures to stop working. This issue has now been fixed.

TTSD-60222 Tekla Model Sharing

Tekla Model Sharing: When a user had Project viewer rights in a shared model and used the Project Viewer license when joining the model for the first time, the user could do harmful, not-allowed changes without any warning. This has now been fixed. 

TTSD-60709 Tekla Model Sharing

Tekla Model Sharing: If there is a failure when the model is being read in, the model is now automatically reopened to the saved state to prevent any model corruption.

TTSD-62142 Tekla Model Sharing

Previously, in the Changes list in Tekla Model Sharing, the Label field for UDA definitions sometimes showed a technical string instead of the correctly translated label. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-59414 Reinforcement

Rebar sets: In some cases when two concrete structures were next to each other, for example, a slab placed on top of a wall that supports it, the modification of reinforcement in one structure caused rebar set numbering to go out-of-date in the other structure. This issue has now been fixed.

TTSD-61069 Reinforcement

Rebar sets: An issue was fixed whereby rebar sets were sometimes not updated as a result of a concrete cover thickness change.

TTSD-54278 Modeling

Bolts: Previously, when creating a bolt hole, the Plain hole type property was not applied, and a through hole was always created even instead of a blind hole. This issue has now been fixed.

TTSD-59700 Modeling

Filtering: In the selection filter dialog box, the check box options to create a view filter or an object representation of an existing selection filter were not displayed correctly. This issue has now been fixed.

TTSD-62040 Modeling

Previously, if you used the Set as default command when the property pane was closed, a warning message was displayed. Now, if you use the command when the property pane is closed, Tekla Structures works normally. 

TTSD-57930 Licensing

Now the Work plane tool is available in Carbon and Project Viewer licenses.

TTSD-58700 Licensing

Previously, the Model Sharing Viewer license was not returned if the user opened a model but was unable to obtain a Model Sharing license. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-47113 Core

Previously, Tekla Structures sometimes unexpectedly stopped working when some windows were being opened. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-48224 Core

Previously, new default keyboard shortcuts did not always appear automatically after installing a Tekla Structures service pack where new features had been added.

Now, the new shortcuts become available when you open Tekla Structures, unless you have manually defined keyboard shortcuts that conflict with the new shortcuts

TTSD-48476 Core

Previously, in some cases, Tekla Structures stopped working unexpectedly when you clicked Save as and the model had drawings but the corresponding .dg files were missing.

TTSD-44755 User interface

Previously, in some display settings, the last button of a long toolbar was not visible. This issue has now been fixed, and all buttons are visible.

TSAC-8199 Import, export, interoperability (concrete)

Export ELiPLAN file (68): The export file now takes up to 12 characters from the Project number field on the Data content tab. Earlier, the export file accepted only 8 characters.

SOLD-1864 Common

Support tool: Support case creation now works better in slow Internet connections.

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