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Manage Tekla Structures online licenses

Online subscription licenses are the default licensing option for new Tekla Structures licenses.

Online licenses are delivered and managed in Tekla's online account and licensing portal, Tekla Online Admin Tool. Administrator users in each organization add users to their organization and assign the licenses to users. Users access their assigned online licenses by logging into their account when starting Tekla Structures.

All users can view their currently assigned licenses in their Tekla Online profile.

About Tekla Structures online licenses

Tekla Structures online licenses are purchased as a recurring or fixed-term subscription. The license details, including renewal information, can be viewed in Tekla Online Admin Tool. The licenses unlock the Tekla Structures Carbon, Graphite, or Diamond configurations, which progressively enable more product features.

Tekla Online administrators assign licenses to users. Tekla Structures online licenses are named single-user licenses. Each user must have their own Trimble Identity and Tekla Structures subscription license seat.

Different license types are available to match your needs for flexibility:
  • If you have a Standard Tekla Structures online subscription license, you can assign each license seat for a total of four times per calendar year. This allows you to keep using the license when there are unexpected changes, such as if an employee changes roles or leaves the company.

  • Flex and Worldwide licenses can be reassigned from one user to another without limitations. If you plan to switch licenses from user to user, you should select one of these licenses.

  • Standard and Flex licenses must only be used within the country of purchase. Worldwide licenses can be assigned to users in any country.

  • You can assign Standard, Flex, and Worldwide licenses to both employees and external users.

It is not possible to use Tekla Structures simultaneously on different computers with the same online license. Users must close Tekla Structures without keeping the license reserved to be able to use the license on a different computer.

Tekla Structures online licenses can be used offline for up to 72 hours. The user can reserve the license for offline use even when they close Tekla Structures.

For more information on managing renewals, see Manage renewals in Tekla Online.

Using online licenses with older Tekla Structures versions

Tekla Structures online licenses can be used to license Tekla Structures 2019 and higher. When used with an older version than Tekla Structures 2021, the online license activates one of the available configurations:
  • A Tekla Structures Carbon license activates the Project viewer configuration.

  • A Tekla Structures Graphite license activates the Rebar Detailing configuration.

  • A Tekla Structures Diamond license activates the Full configuration.

The same license allows opening multiple instances of Tekla Structures on the same computer for the following versions and service packs:

  • 2019i SP10 or later

  • 2019 SP12 or later

  • 2020 SP9 or later

  • 2021 (any service pack)

For earlier versions and service packs, a single license does not allow opening an older version of Tekla Structures together with a newer version of Tekla Structures on the same computer.


Although permitted by licensing, simultaneously running multiple instances of Tekla Structures on the same computer might cause errors in some features, such as extensions.

About Tekla Partner configuration licenses

The Tekla Partner configuration uses a Tekla Online license. A Partner license can be assigned to any number of users at the same time. The number of licenses you have determines the maximum number of concurrent users. You are only allowed to assign Partner licenses to people within your own organization. More information on the terms of this license and the Tekla Partners program is available in the Tekla Developer Center.

About Tekla Student subscriptions

Tekla Student subscriptions are personal online subscriptions meant only for educational users who want to try out and learn Tekla Structures, Tekla Structural Designer, and Tekla Tedds in Tekla Campus.

Using a Tekla Student subscription for any commercial work is prohibited. All models are saved in a format that cannot be opened using commercial subscriptions. For more information, visit the Tekla Campus website.

About Tekla Model Sharing licenses

Tekla Model Sharing uses Tekla Online licenses that are purchased as a yearly subscription. You should have one license seat for each user who is currently taking part in the project. You can transfer Tekla Model Sharing licenses from one person to another (with restrictions explained further in this section), so the same license can be used by different people as the projects progress and resource needs change.

You do not need to specifically assign individual licenses for each user. Instead, you give users access to the license pool of your organization. You can give access to an unlimited number of users, so there is no need to adjust license access rights every time people move in and out of projects. You do still need to keep track of how many licenses are needed at peak usage. If you do not have enough free licence seats for all users who try to join Tekla Model Sharing at the same time, some users attempting to join see a message that all license seats are reserved.

Users can work on a shared model offline without reserving a license. A license is reserved when a user launches a Tekla Model Sharing operation. If a user joins Tekla Model Sharing from several devices, the user reserves a separate license seat for each device. The license is released within three hours after the user disconnects (shuts down Tekla Structures, switches to working on a model that is not shared or is otherwise cut off from the Tekla Model Sharing service).

Note: Tekla Model Sharing is not available to users without a valid license. Keep track of the number of licenses and users as well as your license expiration date(s) to ensure continued service.

Assign online licenses to users

As an administrator, you assign your company's Tekla Online licenses for those Tekla products and services that require a license. All license types do not allow you to freely assign the licenses from user to user, so pay attention to the license type when you assign licenses to users.

  1. Add any new users to the Employees or External license users group as explained in Manage user accounts for Tekla products. You can assign the licenses at the same time.
  2. Assign licenses for previously added users in Tekla Online Admin Tool by selecting the checkbox on the user's row.
    • You can assign any number of users to floating licenses (for example, Tekla Model Sharing licenses) regardless of the number of license seats you have. The number of licenses you have determines the maximum number of concurrent users on a first-come-first-served basis.

    • Each named license seat, such as Tekla Structures online licenses, can have exactly one assigned user. If you have a Standard Tekla Structures license, you can assign each license seat for a total of four times per calendar year. Flex and Worldwide licenses can be assigned as many times as you need.

    • If a Tekla Structures online license is reserved to a user, you cannot reassign the same license to someone else. Users can keep a license reserved for up to 72 hours at a time. Users can select to reserve or release the license when they exit Tekla Structures.

    Note: You are responsible for following the terms governing the use of each license. For example, only Worldwide Tekla Structures licenses can be assigned to users in other countries and you must take this into account when assigning licenses to users.

Check Tekla Online license usage and expiry date

You can view both the current Tekla Online license users and statistics on past usage.

  1. Log in to the Tekla Online Admin Tool.
  2. Click the question mark next to the license name in the Employees view to see the basic usage details:
    • Assignments remaining: number of times you can assign any of the license seats to a user. Each standard license seat can be assigned a maximum of four times per year.

    • Seat count: how many license seats you have.

    • Assigned: how many users have been assigned one of the license seats.

    • Reserved by invitation: how many licenses have been reserved in invites to new users to join your Tekla Online organization. The license is assigned when the user accepts the invitation. The license reservation ends if the email address is not valid, the user rejects the invitation, an administrator in your company cancels the invitation before the user accepts it, or the invitation expires.

  3. To view more information, switch to the License details tab.
  4. Check the license details. There are two views you can cycle through by using the button above the license information table.
    • By default, you are in the License view. You can click each license to see details, such as the subscription period for your subscription licenses.

    • Click the Usage view button to switch the view and see a summary of license counts, number of assigned licenses, and the current usage. When you click the In use column in this view, you can also see the individual users who are currently using a license seat.

      • License expiration warnings are also displayed to users in Tekla Structures when the expiration date is nearing for licensed features such as Tekla Model Sharing.
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