Dimension properties - General tab

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Dimension properties - General tab

Use the General tab in the Dimension Properties dialog box to view and modify the format, type, unit, precision, extension line, grouping and placing settings of the dimensions.

The drawing level View Properties dialog box and object level Dimension Properties dialog box contents differ. All options in both dialog boxes are described below.

  • To open the drawing level Dimension Properties dialog box, open the drawing, go to the Drawing tab and click Properties > Dimension.
  • To open the object level Dimension Properties, double-click a dimension in an open drawing.
  • To open Dimension Properties dialog box for general arrangement drawings before creating a drawing: On the Drawings & reports tab, click Drawing properties > GA drawing, and then click Dimension...



Dimension types


Sets the dimension type for straight dimensions.

Relative: Point to point dimensions.

Absolute: Dimensions from a common start point.

Relative and absolute: Combination of point to point and common start point.

US absolute: Dimensions from a common start point, which include a running dimension mark (RD).

US absolute 2: Similar to US absolute, but it changes short dimensions to relative.

Absolute plus short relatives: Similar to Absolute, but it changes short dimensions to relative. Also called internal absolute. This option may show both dimensions, but it does not show relative dimensions when dimensions are long. This option shows the absolute dimensions inside the dimension lines.

Absolute plus all relatives above the absolutes: Similar to Relative and absolute, but it places the relative dimensions above the absolute.

Elevation: Creates an elevation dimension at a picked point. This type is only available in the dimension properties of manual dimensions in drawing mode.

In x direction

As above, but overrides the straight setting for horizontal dimensions. If you use the blank option, Tekla Structures uses the Straight option settings. The x direction usually means dimensions parallel to the drawing x axis.


Defines the appearance of angle dimensions.

Shows the angle dimensions in degrees on side.

Shows the angle dimensions in degrees at angle vertex.

Shows the angle dimensions using a triangle.

You can also set the Triangle base length to control the base dimension shown for bevel dimensions.

Shows the angle dimensions using a triangle with degrees.

Triangle base length

The base length of a triangle.


Defines whether to use angle units or distance units for curved dimensions.

Short extension line

Defines whether Tekla Structures should create extension lines all of the same length or use the short extension line automatically if the dimension line falls on a grid line.

If you want to exaggerate dimensions, you need to set this option to No.

Dimension format


Defines the units used in dimensioning.


Defines dimension precision: rounding, imperial units.


Defines the dimension format: the number of decimals and their appearance.

Use grouping

Defines whether long dimension values are grouped.

Combine equal dimensions

Combines equal dimensions. The choices are Off, 3*60 or 3*60=180.

The accuracy of combining equal dimensions is 0.1.

Minimum number to combine

Defines the minimum number of dimensions to combine.

Dimension grouping
Update grouping when model changes

Yes updates dimension grouping automatically when the model changes.


Dimension lines spacing

Defines the space between parallel dimension lines.

In manually created dimensions, this setting works only if dimension Placing is set to free, see below.

Short dimensions

Defines the text location of short dimensions: between or outside the dimension lines.


Opens the Dimension Placing dialog box.

Placing is the method used for placing dimensions. The choices are:

  • free lets Tekla Structures to decide the location and direction of the dimension based on the Direction settings.

  • fixed allows you to place the dimension at any point.

Search margin is the empty margin that you want to have around the dimension.

Minimum distance is the closest distance Tekla Structures uses to search for an empty space for a dimension.

Direction defines the side of the dimensioned object on which Tekla Structures places the dimensions.

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