Dimensioning properties - General tab (Integrated dimensioning)

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Dimensioning properties - General tab (Integrated dimensioning)

Use the General tab in the Dimension Properties dialog box to view and modify the general settings of the dimensions. This dialog box is displayed if you use Integrated dimensions dimensioning type in dimensioning.



Dimensioning type

Standard is used for almost all dimensioning.

Truss meets the specific requirements needed to dimension truss drawings. It dimensions the position and length of the diagonals. The dimensioning is done only if the diagonals are secondary parts that are welded to upper and lower chords, which are main parts and not welded to any parts. If the truss welding is done some other way, standard dimensioning is used.


Yes minimizes the number of views that Tekla Structures creates.

Also check the settings in the drawing View Properties dialog box.

Combine dimensions

Combines several single dimensions into one dimension line.

In Options, select the combination level. The larger the number, the more Tekla Structures combines dimensions.

Option 4.5 uses a combination of option 5 for main part and option 4 for secondary parts.

The Distance means the distance within which Tekla Structures combines internal dimensions.

If the distance between two details is less than the defined Min distance, Tekla Structures combines the dimensions.

Close dimensions

Close dimensions completes dimension lines to include the entire part.

No does not close dimensions

In X only closes dimensions in the x direction and leaves others open

All closes all dimensions

This setting is not relevant to profile shape dimensions.

Close dimensions: Short dimensions

Yes closes short dimensions.

With No, the open dimension is the middle one rather than the short end dimension.

When you leave short dimensions open, Tekla Structures leaves out the longer dimension line in dimension lines that contain two dimensions. If dimension lines contain three dimensions, Tekla Structures leaves out the middle one. This option does not affect dimension lines with more than three dimensions.

Placing: Forward offset

Forward offset defines the distance Tekla Structures uses to search for the base point of a dimension. If Tekla Structures does not find a base point (corner) within the Forward offset search distance, it uses an edge point.

The Centered bolt setting affects on how the dimension is displayed.

Necessary internal dimensioning: Recognizable distance

Recognizable distance defines the limit for dimensioning asymmetry in secondary parts. In some cases, it is important to look at the asymmetrical relationship of parts, so that an asymmetric secondary part is correctly connected to a main part. You can use Recognizable distance to have asymmetry reflected in dimensioning. If the asymmetry is smaller than the distance you enter here, Tekla Structures represents it using a dimension.

Part mark on dimension line

None creates no part mark on the dimension line.

On assembly overall dimension creates a part mark on the assembly overall dimension line.

Between extreme bolts creates a part mark on the dimension line between the outermost bolts.

Main dimension position

Defines the side on which Tekla Structures places the Assembly overall dimensions, Main part work points, and Knock off dimensions.

Auto treats the main dimensions in the same way as other dimensions.

Above places the main dimensions above the part (or to the left for vertical parts).

Below places the main dimensions below the part.

Above places the skew position dimensions of the main part below the part and Below places them above.

Grid dimensions

Creates grid dimensions. The values are: None, Individual spans, Overall or Individual spans and overall.

Grid dimension position

Sets the grid dimension position. The values are:

Main view - above

Main view - below

Top view - above

Top view - below

Bottom view - above

Bottom view - below

Back view - above

Back view - below

All views - above

All views - below.

Dimension properties

Straight dimensions

Sets the dimension type for straight dimensions using the settings in the properties file you select.

In X direction

Otherwise same settings as in straight dimensions but overrides the straight setting for horizontal dimensions. If you use the blank option, Tekla Structures uses the Straight dimensions option settings. The x direction usually means dimensions parallel to the drawing x axis.

Arrow shape: US Absolute dimensions

Controls the type of mark used with the dimension line in US Absolute dimensions.

US Absolute dimensions are dimension types US Absolute and US Absolute 2 that can be defined in Dimension properties. If the advanced option XS_​USE_​USABSOLUTE_​ARROW_​TYPE_​FOR_​ABSOLUTE_​DIMENSIONS is set to TRUE, the arrow shape is overridden for other types of absolute dimensions as well.

Arrow shape: Level dimensions

Controls the type of mark used with the dimension line in level dimensions.

Angle and radius dimensions

Sets the dimension type for angle dimensions using the settings in the properties file you select.

Check dimensions

Sets the dimension type for check dimensions using the settings in the properties file you select.

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