Import and export profiles

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Import and export profiles

Use importing and exporting for merging profiles across profile catalogs. Profile catalogs are imported and exported as .lis files, sketched profiles as .uel files, and user-defined parametric profiles as .clb files.

When you export an entire profile catalog, Tekla Structures creates three separate files: profiles.clb, profiles.lis and rules.lis. The .clb file contains parametric profile definitions, if they are used in the profiles in the catalog, otherwise it is empty. The profiles.lis file includes the actual profile definitions and the rules.lis file the branch rules. When you export a branch of a profile catalog, the branch name is attached as prefix to the file names.

Importing and exporting is useful when you:

  • upgrade to a newer version of Tekla Structures and want to use a customized profile catalog from a previous version

  • want to combine profile catalogs that are stored in different locations

  • want to share profile catalog information with other users

  • want to combine profile catalogs across different environments.


  • You cannot import or export hard-coded profiles such as PROFILE_ZZ, PROFILE_CC, and PROFILE_CW.

  • You cannot import profiles that do not have a defined cross section.

  • If you have used a sketched profile or a user-defined parametric profile as the cross section for a fixed profile, you also need to import the sketched profile or the user-defined parametric profile to the new model.


You can also download or share profiles using Tekla Warehouse.

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