Filter objects

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Filter objects

Use filters to restrict what can be selected or what is visible in a view. You can create filters of your own, or you can use any of the standard filters available in Tekla Structures.

Here are some examples of what filters can be used for:

  • To select a large number of objects

    Use selection filters when you need to change a specific object property that is common for many objects. The rest of the objects will not be affected, even if you try to include them in the selection.

  • To check the model

    Use view filters to ensure that beams are called beams, columns are called columns, and so on. You can highlight several groups of objects, one at a time, to check that all required objects are included in a given group.

  • To hide objects

    Use view filters to temporarily hide the columns in a view so that it easier to select all the beams, for example.

  • To find objects

    You can create a selection filter to find all locations where ½” reinforcing bars are in the model, for example. Once the filter is active, you can make an area selection that includes the entire model. All specified reinforcing bars become selected, but the other objects will not be affected.

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