Engineering library update - June 2022

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Engineering library update - June 2022

Tekla Tedds engineering library update (June 2022 - version 24.03) is available in Tekla Downloads.

American Design

No updates.

Australian Design

Pile analysis (AS2159)
TEDDS-6713 Fixed an error which occurred when selecting a steel pile.
  Fixed an error which occurred when changing the source data list country.

British Design

Foundations near trees (NHBC)
TEDDS-3033 Verified and updated references to confirm that calculation is in accordance with "NHBC Standards - Chapter 4.2, 2022 edition".
TEDDS-6628 Fixed undefined variable error '_uiTreeSelected'.
TEDDS-6765 Corrected misspelling of Chelmsford.

Canadian Design

No updates.

Eurocode Design

Cross-laminated timber roof design (EN1995)

New calculation that determines the capacity of a cross-laminated timber roof panel inclined at an angle of 20 to 70 degrees and subjected to a series of area loads applied to its top edge. Shear, flexure, axial compression and deflection checks are performed and horizontal and vertical reactions are reported.In accordance with EN1995 and the national annex for the UK, Ireland, Finland, Norway, Sweden or the recommended Eurocode values.

Product Bulletin May 2022 (PBT-2205-2)

Timber frame racking loads (EN1991) - Fixed a potentially un-conservative error affecting the calculation of the racking load for a monopitch building with the wind in the 180 degree direction. For more detailed information please refer to Product bulletin May 2022 (PBT-2205-2).

Other updates


Cross-laminated floor panel design (EN1995)

Cross-laminated wall panel design (EN1995)

  Fixed video demonstration hyperlink in calculation notes.

RC beam analysis & design (EN1992

RC beam design (EN1992)

TEDDS-6473 Enhanced calculation to include intermediate crack width values between 0.2mm and 0.4mm.
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