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Tekla Tedds 2022 Service Pack 3

This service pack is required when using the Tedds Engineering Library October 2022 or later and is available from Tekla Downloads.

Tedds Application

Reference Description
TEDDS-7048 Enhanced the Project Manager in the Tedds Application to automatically synchronise the selected document in the project tree whenever an open document which belongs to the project is activated.
TEDDS-6987 Enhanced the Tedds application to include a new option so that when a project is saved to a single PDF file a page break can be included between each document.

Tedds for Word

Reference Description
TEDDS-7119 Fixed Tedds for Word when used with an Educational license to ensure that all commands which reference the variables stored in the document work correctly and do not prompt the user unnecessarily with warnings about using an Educational license.
TEDDS-6931 Enhanced the DataSetOpen, DataLibraryOpen and DataItemOpen dialogs so that the LookIn directory and the Window Size settings are automatically remembered. The item lists used in those dialogs have also been optimised to automatically resize the columns when shown in the details view.

Writing custom calculations

Reference Description
TEDDS-7120 Enhanced the Interface Designer so that the Units property of an input control can now be defined as an expression which allows the units to be modified at runtime.
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