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How does autosave work when I open a model from a server?

If you have set XS_AUTOSAVE_DIRECTORY to a local folder on your computer, for example C:\TeklaStructuresModels\autosave\, and you open a model stored in a folder on the server, the autosave functionality will save some files locally to the specified autosave folder and all the other files directly to the model folder on the server.

The following files are stored in the local autosave folder:

  • .db1_<username>
  • .db2_<username>
  • xslib.db1_<username>
  • xslib.db2_<username>
  • environment.db_<username>

Which files are stored directly to the model folder on the server?

If you are only doing basic modeling in Tekla Structures, the save_history.log file is most likely the only file that is stored directly in the model folder on the server when an autosave is done.

If you are numbering objects or if you are, for example, creating drawings, the numberinghistory.txt and numberingresults.txt files and all drawings (.dg files) are also stored in the model folder on the server.

The same principle also applies to other log files, exported files, snapshots, etc.. All those files are saved directly to the model folder on the server.

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