Upgrade Tekla Tedds to a new version

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Upgrade Tekla Tedds to a new version

If you already have Tekla Tedds installed and are upgrading to a new major version please note that the existing version will be replaced - so 2024 will replace 2023 for example. (Service packs are slightly different as these are cumulative updates, so for these you only need to install the latest.)

To upgrade your version, simply proceed to Install and license Tekla Tedds as if you were a new user.

Checking for Updates

Each time you open Tedds, the software will automatically check all of the components of the Tedds software you have installed and if any software updates are available a message will appear in the status bar (bottom of the window) of the Tedds application or the Library Access System if you are using Tedds for Word. You can also check for updates at any time by using the "Check for Updates" command on the Help tab of the Ribbon in the Tedds Application or the Help button from the Tedds tab on the Ribbon in Tedds for Word. If any software updates are available your default web browser will open automatically at the appropriate location for downloading the latest software updates applicable to your version of Tedds.