Adjust calculation sheet details

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Adjust calculation sheet details

Tedds contains a series of different templates that you can use in your calculations. In addition, you can include your company details and logo in the header of calculation documents, and set header details that are only applicable to an individual document.


The following only applies to the Tedds Application.

  1. On the Home tab, click Header.

    The Header Properties dialog box opens.

  2. Click to open the Document tab.

  3. Set the calculation sheet details.

    The fields that you see on the Document tab depend on the current calculation template. If you change the calculation template, you may have to set additional information.

    If necessary, you can copy the document details from one document to another. Do the following:
    1. Ensure that you have opened both the document whose details you want to copy, and the document to which you want to copy the details.

    2. Go to the document whose details you want to copy and open the Header Properties dialog box.

    3. Click Copy All.

    4. Go to the document where you want to past the header details and open the Header Properties dialog box.

    5. Click Paste All.

      The header details are pasted to the current document.

  4. Go to the Company tab.

  5. Adjust the company name and address according to your needs.

    If you want Tedds to use the details which you have defined here as default company details, select the Save these settings as the default for new documents option.

  6. Go to the Template tab.

  7. In the Document Template section, click Select... to select the desired document template.
  8. If necessary, in the Header Logo section, click Browse... to add your company logo to the header, and scale the logo appropriately.
    You have two options when adding the company logo. You can either:
    • Create a link to your logo file, so that any changes to the logo are applied to the header as well.

    • Embed the logo, so that the current logo is maintained even if the source file changes.

  9. Click OK.

    The changes are applied to the header.