Checkbot Control Panel

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Checkbot Control Panel

The Checkbot Control Panel which can be opened by selecting IDEA StatiCa Export on the BIM Integration ribbon, is used to select connections to be sent to IDEA StatiCa for design.

The dialog box is shown below.
  1. Analysis method – a drop-down box lists the analysis types for selection.

  2. Loading to export – This drop-down has two options: ‘Combinations’ and ‘Combinations & Loadcases’.

  3. Working directory - this allows you to specify the path where the connection data will be stored. You can accept the default path or click the [...] button to browse to and select a different path.

  4. Append model name to the path – this displays the full file path when checked and creates a folder with the Tekla Structural Designer model name in which exported connections are generated.

  5. Connection selection checkboxes - connections are selected either by ticking checkboxes, or by graphical selection (by windowing or cursor selection) in the scene view.
  6. Connection noding - this sets the connection alignment to either Top of steel (incl. offsets), or Member centre line (only). for further details see: Connection noding

  7. Select All – Selects all listed connections.

  8. Select Not Sent – Selects connections that have not been exported to IDEA StatiCa previously.

  9. Deselect All – Deselect all the selected connections in the list.

  10. Deselect Sent – Deselects connections that have been exported to IDEA StatiCa previously.

  11. Sent to Checkbot - A tick in this column indicates those connections that have previously been sent to the Checkbot.

  12. Active/Not active - This flag is used to inform the user when the Checkbot is active.

  13. Information button 🛈 – Opens a dialog box of ‘IDEA StatiCa Checkbot instructions’ for guidance on the Checkbot.

  14. Launch Checkbot – Opens the Checkbot application page.