1st order modal - Bathe and Wilson eignenvalue problem

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1st order modal - Bathe and Wilson eignenvalue problem


Problem definition

A 2D plane frame structure has 10 equal bays each measuring 6.096m wide and 9 stories 3.048m tall. The column bases are fully fixed. All beams and columns are the same section, which have a constant mass/unit length equal to 1.438x105. Calculate the first three natural frequencies (in Hz) of the structure under self-weight.


Shear deformations are excluded. Each beam/column is represented by one finite element. Consistent mass is assumed.

Key results

The results for this problem are compared with those published by Bathe and Wilson and against an independent analysis package.

Mode Bathe and Wilson Comparison Solver value
1 0.122 0.122 0.122
2 0.374 0.374 0.375
3 0.648 0.648 0.652


The results show a good comparison with the original published results and against the other analysis packages.


Bathe, K.J. and E.L. Wilson. 1972. Large Eigen Values in Dynamic Analysis. Journal of the Engineering Mechanics Division. ASCE Vol. 98, No. EM6. Proc. Paper 9433. December.