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Export inventory to SigmaNest

We recommend that you regularly export the Tekla PowerFab inventory to SigmaNest to keep the Tekla PowerFab inventory and SigmaNest in sync.

Before you can export inventory information to SigmaNest, you need to set up Tekla PowerFab to work with SigmaNest. For more information, see SigmaNest Integration.

  1. In the Inventory dialog box, click the Inventory ribbon tab.
  2. On the menu, select Export > Export to SigmaNest.
    If you cannot see the Export to SigmaNest option, ensure that you have enabled SigmaNest:
    1. On the Maintenance menu, select Integration Settings > SigmaNest.
    2. In the SigmaNest Settings dialog box, ensure that the Enable SigmaNest for Plate Nesting checkbox is selected.

    The inventory information in Tekla PowerFab is exported to SigmaNest. You can view the process in the Status dialog box.

  3. When the synchronization process is completed, click OK to close the Status dialog box.