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Tekla EPM 2021 release notes

Tekla EPM 2021 introduces several improvements, including user interface updates and new production control integrations.

Production Control: DSTV+ export added for cut lists

You can now export cut lists from Tekla EPM as DSTV+ files. The DSTV+ export is a simple nesting solution export that communicates to machinery which parts should be cut out of a given bar. You can export DSTV+ files directly to the relevant machine.

The new DSTV+ integration simplifies working with machinery. First, Tekla EPM mults or nests the parts. After that, you can simply export the cutting pattern as a DSTV+ file and send it to the relevant machine. The machine will then cut the parts according to the cutting pattern in the DSTV+ file.

The DSTV+ integration is especially helpful for users who are working on a shop floor that already uses software that is compatible with DSTV+ files. These users will no longer need to download individual CNC files and organize them to match a cut list in Tekla EPM.

To enable the DSTV+ integration:
  1. In the Maintenance menu, select Integrations > DSTV+.

  2. Select the Enable DSTV+ Export check box.

  3. In the Local Directory Designation list, select the suitable option.

  4. Click Save.

Production Control: Copying the properties of the latest inspection test record for another record

When you add inspection test records, you can now save time by saving the properties of the current record for the next records. To do so, select the Carry Over check box in the lower-left corner of the New Inspection Test Record dialog box. The properties remain in the original fields when you save the current record.

Note that if you close the New Inspection Test Record dialog box, the properties of the latest inspection test record will no longer be available for future records.

Integrations: Trimble ViewPoint integration enabled

The Trimble Viewpoint integration is now automatically enabled in the default (North America) and Australia environments. The Trimble Viewpoint integration allows you to manage your purchase orders more efficiently.

To set up the Trimble Viewpoint integration, in the Maintenance menu, select Integrations > Trimble Viewpoint.

For detailed instructions, see Manage purchase orders with Trimble Viewpoint.

User interface improvements

The Tekla EPM interface has been improved in several ways:
  • Several dialog boxes have been redesigned to improve your productivity and user experience.

  • Filtering options have been improved for several dialog boxes. For example, the navigation trees added on the left side of dialog boxes allow you to quickly select which types of items you want to see in the display area.

  • A new interface language, French, is now available for Tekla EPM.

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