Share you Tekla Structural Designer data with Trimble Connect

Tekla Structural Designer
Trimble Connect
Tekla Structural Designer
Trimble Connect
Tekla Structural Designer
Trimble Connect

Learn how to share your Tekla Structural Designer model file, drawings, and reports with Trimble Connect for seamless collaboration.

Table of Contents

00:00 Introduction

00:29 How to link a Tekla Structural Designer project using the Trimble Connect Project Explorer

01:25 How to upload a model to Trimble Connect

02:10 How to view the uploaded model in Trimble Connect

02:41 How to upload a multi-member drawing

03:21 How to upload a single-member drawing

04:15 View drawings in Trimble Connect CAD

04:36 How to upload a model report

05:36 How to upload a member report

06:37 How to check linking progress using the Process window

07:05 How to view the IFC model, drawings, and reports in Trimble Connect

08:44 Summary



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