Rigorous Slab Deflection Design in Tekla Structural Designer (ACI)

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Cast-in-place slab designs are becoming more challenging as architects push for thinner slabs and larger column spacings. Engineers are asked to push the boundaries of conventional CIP flat slabs and deflections become critical to designs. Even with existing technology this process can be extremely tedious with a large portion comprising of manual checks and iterations. Flat slab design can be stressful budget breakers. Tekla Structural Designer’s new rigorous slab deflection capabilities efficiently addresses these challenges. It maintains an easy to use interface and inputs and comprehensive output shedding light on the black box of traditional slab design.

Tekla Structural Designer’s sequential loading analysis provides:
  • An iterative cracked section analysis
  • Slab reinforcement affecting deflections
  • Deflections occurring after specified date/event
  • Different loading events and cracking during construction events
  • Unique user defined “check lines” to automate deflection checks to specified span over limits
  • Graphical results for deflection contours, extent of cracking, relative stiffness, reinforcement, pass/fail, utilization ratios & check lines
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