Revit 2023 Integration for Tekla Structural Designer enables safe Revit BIM reuse

Tekla Structural Designer
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Tekla Structural Designer
Autodesk Revit 2023
Revit 2023
Tekla Structural Designer

Introducing the Tekla Structural Designer Integrator for Autodesk Revit 2023.

  • Automatically generate accurate and high quality models for analysis.
  • Manually add analytical members and panels where needed.
  • Automatically create documentation.
  • Easily transfer relevant and accurate information to  structural engineers.


Autodesk Revit 2023 introduced the Analytical Driven Modelling concept, and now analytical elements are not created automatically when the physical model is created. We at Trimble believe that this will lead to flawed analytical models with serious structural instability issues and poor analytical connectivity.

Trimble offers a solution for this: Using the easy to use Tekla Structural Designer Integrator your analytical models are automatically correct: 

  • Connected
  • Usable with relevant information
  • No extra work 

This video shows an overview of what this integration includes.

If you have been using the Tekla Structural Designer integration for earlier Revit versions, the 2023 integration has two new commands: 

  1. Create Analytical Model  (replaces the Autodesk command Analytical Automation)
    • Builds a high quality, structurally connected model that can be immediately used without any further alteration. 
    • Updates the analytical model to show changes made to the physical model.
  2. Check Analytical Association - ensure all physical objects have an analytical equivalent.

At the heart of the integration is quick and accurate transfer from Revit to Tekla Structural Designer. 

  • Perform seamless integration with options for new imports and exports, as well as updates to existing models. 
  • Easy to follow processes with full two way interoperability allowing total control over which elements to export.
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