RC Pile cap design (EN1997)

Tekla Tedds
Tekla Tedds Tekla Tedds for Word
Tekla Tedds Tekla Tedds for Word
Tekla Tedds Tekla Tedds for Word
This video demonstrates the Tekla Tedds RC pile cap design calculation to the Eurocode. The calculation checks the design of pile caps supporting a single column with up to 9 piles. The column may be subject to axial compression or tension, shear loads, and biaxial bending. Possible load cases include Permanent, Imposed, Snow and Wind for all load types. Permanent and Imposed surcharge loads may be defined. Steel, concrete or timber piles can be defined with compression, tension, and shear capacity. Defined capacities are compared to analysis results.
Further information on Tekla Tedds can be found here.
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