Plan and organize your shipments better with new Shipping Calendar in Tekla PowerFab - Part 1

Tekla PowerFab GO
Tekla PowerFab Tekla PowerFab GO
Tekla PowerFab Tekla PowerFab GO
Tekla PowerFab Tekla PowerFab GO


The new Shipping Calendar in the Dashboards section of Tekla EPM Go helps you improve the way you plan and organize your shipments across all jobs. You can set your shipping schedule, including real-time progress and loading statuses.

The Shipping Calendar is included in the Tekla PowerFab version 2021i.

The part 1 includes:

- Overview of the Shipping Calendar

- How to navigate and customize the calendar interface; views, filters and color by.

- How to create, schedule and reschedule loads with simple drag & drop tools.

- How to print bill of lading and mark load as being shipped.


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