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Watch how to transfer 3D rebar from reinforced concrete columns, beams, slabs, and footings designed with Tekla Structural Designer easily into Tekla Structures for fast automatic detailing. Laps, Cranks, Layers, and placement are identical to 2D drawing output but this fast and robust integration can reuse building information model [BIM] geometry in minutes that might take hours with Revit.

New for 2021, this Tekla software enhancement for the structural engineering offices introduces a reliable all-BIM workflow between the design engineer and rebar detailer to fill the gap between existing error-prone 2D processes and efficient 3D workflow management. This transfer harnesses rebar sets in Tekla Structures to rapidly change bar arrangement or details; find and fix clashes and provide high-quality detailing with less effort and much less re-work. With Tekla Structural Designer open, you can quickly validate the import against the original design intent. Detailed design iteration is more productive by sending this model to Trimble Connect and share details with project stakeholders. Review the design, details and discuss alternatives with the to-do features.

Watch this webinar to learn more about the Tekla Rebar Sets and how rebar detailers are developing a strong competitive advantage with 3D model-based rebar detailing:
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