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Tekla Tedds Engineering Library (July 2021)

Trimble releases Tekla Tedds Engineering Library (July 2021)

Windpost design (EN1993)

This video demonstrates the Tekla Tedds Windpost design calculation to the Eurocode. The calculation checks the design of a vertical steel beam acting as a windpost providing lateral support to a masonry wall subjected to a uniformly distributed wind load. The windpost beam can be designed as a standard carbon steel section or as a stainless steel section. The capacity of the wall ties is checked to distribute the wind loads from the loaded leaf to the other leaf. Further information onTeklaTeddscan be foundhere.


Tekla Tedds Engineering Library (June 2021)

Trimble releases Tekla Tedds Engineering Library (June 2021)

changes in Tekla Tedds


We are updating Trimble Identity with additional features and improved security. If you are using a version older than Tekla Tedds 2021, some product features may no longer work after December 2021. Features that require Trimble Identity sign-in are: Online Side Pane In-product Support Tool All other product…

changes in Tekla products and services

Tekla products use Trimble Identity for all online features and services that require you to sign in. We are now excited to launch a new Trimble Identity. The improved Trimble Identity: Keeps your data safe with the latest technologies. Conformsto the latest security standards. Will giveyou additional features to make signing in more…

Trimble identity
trimble account

Tekla Tedds 2021 - Service Pack 1

This service pack is required when using the Tekla Tedds Engineering Library May 2021 or later. Important If you are running a 64-bit version of Windows you will require both updates.


Eight new functions which can be used when writing custom calculations. CubeRoot Calculates…

Tekla Tedds Engineering Library (May 2021)

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UK and Asia

Concrete specification (BS8500) Updated in accordance with BS8500-1:2015+A2:2019. Improved user experience so that the majority of the input can be entered on the main page of the user interface. Other Updates Calculation writing…

Tekla Tedds Engineering Library (April 2021)

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UK and Asia

2D analysis - Frame Wizard 2D analysis - Truss Wizard [TEDDS-5602]1 - Fixed error "The Calc Item 'Init dlist steel section …' does not exist" when using the frame or truss wizard from the Steel 2D analysis & design (EN1993) calculation. Bolt group…

How to take your Tekla product into use

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This video guides you through the three initial steps you need to take to start using your Tekla product with an online license.

Tekla Structural License Service (v3.30) Release Notes

General information

This installation packages both the Self hosted (client & server) and the Tekla Online Licensing(client) components. Self hosted (Sentinal RMS) The Tekla Structural License Service allows you to share and manage your licenses. It also allows users to commute licenses and report on license…