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Tekla Structures 2024 SP2

Tekla Structures 2024 Service pack 2 and the release notes are now available. See the links below.

New interactive model view rotation symbol in the model view

Question: While using Tekla Structures version 2024, I am unable to access/see the "new interactive model view rotation" symbol/feature in the model view. Can you provide guidance? Answer: The "new interactive model view rotation" feature is exclusive to the DirectX rendering mode. If you are unable to see it, you may be using the…

Model View rotation
view rotation
view rotate

Tekla Structures 2022 SP14

Tekla Structures 2022 SP14 and the release notes are now available. See the links below.

Tekla Structures 2024 India Environment Release Notes

1.1 Modeling

IND_PARAMETRIC_PROFILE_MODEL We have created a model with the available parametric profiles from the "Blank" environment for the learner's reference and to use,which is available here.

1.2 Components / Connections

IND_Connection_Model We have created a model in which you can find multiple different…

India environment
india release notes

Reverse TFS (Take-From-Stock)

They are times when you will need to “un-cut” material that has changed. You can do a Reverse TFS. Open the Production Control job and click on the Production Control pull-down menu > Review > TFS Details. Filter on the mark. Highlight the mark and click on the Reverse TFS button in the lower right.You will be prompted to verify the…

reverse TFS

Tekla Structures 2024 SP1

Tekla Structures 2024 SP1 and the release notes are now available. See the links below.

Assembly takes UDA's from main part

Question: When I add a user-defined attribute (UDA) to the main part of an assembly it seems to also be automatically transferred to the assembly itself. Is this a bug or is it supposed to work like that? Answer: When you assign a value to a user-defined attribute of the main part of an assembly, this value is automatically passed up…

ENC file export

Question: How to convert NC1 file to ENC file format. Answer: The ENC file is compatible with Bend-Tech Design Software.To export the ENC file, use thedirect link available on the warehouse which has been developed by the Bend-Tech team. This link allows the user to seamlessly transfer part design data from Tekla to…

Tekla Structures 2023 SP9

Tekla Structures 2023 Service pack 9 and the release notes are now available.See the links below.

Why PowerFab eXchange (PFX)?

The preferred method for transferring data from detailing software into Tekla PowerFab is through the PowerFab eXchange (PFX) format. This ensures a comprehensive, efficient, and up-to-date data transfer process for PowerFab users. PFX format sidesteps the limitations and obsolescence of alternative formats. Notably, the KISS format falls short in…

Tekla PowerFab
production control
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