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Tekla Structures 2021 SP4

Tekla Structures 2021 Service Pack 4 and the release notes are now available. See the links below.

US Cast in Place Modeling Tutorials

Here is a collection of modeling tutorials, many of which are specifically geared towards concrete modeling. You can save this link to your favorites and use it as the launch page to view the concrete training videos. The first set are basic introduction videos for general viewing and orientation. The second set will guide you through basic…

How to add custom columns in Hole reservation manager

Question: The MEP designer sent me an IFC file that's got some properties that I want visible in my Hole reservation manager dialog. I also want them to be written in the native VOID objects. How can I do that? Answer: To have custom columns in Hole reservation manager, you need to save file HoleReservationUIAttributes.ini in your…

Hole Reservation Manager

Problems using Trimble Connector in Windows 7

We have disabled the use of older security protocols on 7th of October in Trimble Connect. This might cause sign-in issues in Trimble Connector for Tekla Structures users having the Windows 7, Windows 8 or very early Windows 10 (1607 or earlier) operating system. Windows 7 does not support the newer security protocol TLS 1.2 by default. There…

Preliminary Marks extension

Purpose and description

The extension allows writing and clearing the Part position and Assembly position number for All or Selected parts into/from Preliminary Mark & Preliminary Assembly mark of the part UDA (User Defined Attribute) located on the Parameters tab of the Part and Assembly. Following UDAs USERDEFINED.…

Create and modify color sets in Organizer

Video file

Learn how to create and edit colors in Organizer to visualize model objects in the model according to your preference. We will show you how you can create and edit a color set, and how you can use the color set to visualize the model objects in the model. We cover the following: 00:32 Creating a new color set 01:18 Edit the color set and modify the colors 01:39 Rearrange the colors in different order 01:52 Add, delete, cut, or copy the colors 02:39 View the color set in the model


Create detailed object level settings in drawings

Video file

Learn how to use detailed object level settings for specific purposes, for example, for creating a special representation for marks and building objects in drawings. We cover the following: 00:20 Editing the general arrangement drawing properties 02:23 Creating and applying new object level settings 03:56 Viewing the object level settings in a general arrangement drawing

detailed object level settings
General Arrangement drawing
Drawing settings
New drawing settings

Status Sharing Bulk Update

Purpose and description

This will enable you to update the status of project using .csv file via status sharing application. Updating status of BIM element by selecting it one by one or by area is time consuming task, so with reference to GUID you can update the status in .csv file which can be further bulk uploaded to Trimble connect…

BIM workflow

MultiDrawing View Organizer

This drawing application is used to arrange linked multi drawing views in a specific way.

How to locate

The package is available in the Tekla Warehouse After installation, the 'Multi Drawing View Organizer' application is available in the 'Applications & components' side pane of drawing…


Coordinate Mark

This drawing application is used to create co-ordinate mark for any picked point in the drawing view.

How to locate

After installation, the 'Co-ordinate Mark' application is available in the 'Applications & components' side pane of drawing…

drawing annotations