Get started with Tekla Structures

Welcome, let's get you up and running with Tekla Structures! See the sections below for step-by-step instructions and useful links.


Before you start, make sure that you have completed the following steps:

  • Sign in with your Trimble Identity, or create one if you do not have one already. Make sure to check your email to verify your account.
  • Download and install Tekla Structures. You can check our Hardware recommendations here.
  • Make sure that you have a license assigned to you. Watch this video to see how.

Are you the administrator for your organization? As the administrator, you send Trimble Identity invitations to your colleagues and assign licenses to them. Watch this video to see how.

Next, launch the software and choose the appropriate options:

Get Started with Tekla Structures

Sign in with your Trimble Identity, then select your:

  • Environment - Select the environment that you downloaded and installed earlier. The environment contains region-specific settings, tools, and customizations.
  • Role - Select the role that most closely matches your job type. Selecting an appropriate role automatically customizes parts of the user interface, such as the ribbon layout and drawings, to make them more relevant for your job requirements.
  • Configuration - The configuration controls which features are available to you based on the license agreement. If your subscription includes several different configurations, you can select between them when you start Tekla Structures.

Having issues with any of the steps above? Open a support case here.


To get started with using Tekla Structures quickly, visit Trimble Learn, our online training platform. You can sign in to Trimble Learn using your Trimble Identity.

  • The best place to start learning is with our First Steps with Tekla Structures eLearning course.
  • After you have completed the First Steps course, or if you already know the basics, you can develop your skills by completing one of our free Fundamentals level eLearning courses.
  • Browse further eLearning and instructor-led training courses in the Tekla course catalog.

You can also contact your local Tekla reseller for details about any further training requirements that you may have.


After you have learned the basics of Tekla Structures, it's time to start using it for your own projects!

  • If you need assistance, we have a variety of Online Support Services available to help you.
  • You have full access to Tekla User Assistance, our online searchable database of product documentation, video tutorials, and FAQ support articles.
  • The Tekla Online and Instructor Side Panes provide you with guidance and assistance from directly within the software.
  • Still need some help? You can contact your local Technical Support Team from inside Tekla Structures using the Support Tool, or you can open a support case here.

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