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Get started with Tekla Campus

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Learn how to get started with Tekla Campus. We will show you how you can create a Tekla Student subscription, install Tekla educational products, enroll in free eLearning courses, and explore Tekla Student Forums. We cover the following: 00:22 Register to create a free Trimble Identity. 01:08 Complete Tekla online profile information. 02:08 Download Tekla educational products. 03:40 Install and launch Tekla educational products. 05:40 Enroll in free courses. 06:06 Explore Tekla Student Forums.

Tekla Campus

Update on Log4j vulnerability

As a background, this vulnerability can affect Java-based applications that use certain versions of 'Log4j' logging library that is widely used in business system development, included in various open-source libraries, and directly embedded in major software applications. The vulnerability can allow remote code execution e.g. via user input for an…

Correct modeling errors using Planarize

Planarize is a tool for moving nodes of selected entities into a target plane. Occasionally we see models with geometry issues such as entities that are very close to - but not quite - co-planar. Such small inconsistencies can cause issues with many operations, such as load decomposition and analysis, and should be avoided. Such issues rarely result from modeling directly in Tekla Structural Designer, but may more commonly occur for import of models with geometry issues from other applications. Planarize can assist you in resolving these inconsistencies by allowing you to move nodes…

move nodes

Tekla Structural License Service Update November 2021 (3.5.0)

Important If you are running a 64-bit version of Windows you will require both updates. This update does NOT need to be installed on Sentinel RMS license servers.


Updated the Tekla Support Tool feature so that the users default web browser is used for signing into Trimble Identity. Using the default web browser for…

Tekla Structural Update Service Update November 2021 (1.4.1)

Important If you are running a 64-bit version of Windows you will require both updates.


[TEDDS-5654]1 - Fixed the update service throwing an exception if the FlexNet Connect component has been uninstalled which caused the host application (Tekla Tedds or Tekla Structural Designer) to fail to start. Footnotes 1This…

Download main Tekla software versions, download latest service packs and environment installers

Questions: How can I download the Main version for my Tekla software product? Where can I download the latest installers when I want to upgrade? Where can I download the latest Service packs for Tekla Structures, Tekla Structural Designer, Tekla Tedds, Tekla PowerFab or all the other Tekla products? Do you have all the latest…

Main version
Service Pack

Windows 11 compatibility

Microsoft has released the Windows 11 operating system to the public on October 5th, 2021. Trimble is running trials and extensive tests for Tekla products on Windows 11. Currently, Windows 11 is not a supported operating system by the Tekla products. Using unsupported operating systems is not recommended with Tekla products and can cause…

windows 11