Below you can browse material according to functionality. We recommend that you get familiar with the best practices on how to setup the software when you start using it. For more detailed information, see the product guides.

Get familiar with Licensing and installing and Setting up

Browse available licensing options and find out how to configure your installation to get started.

Get familiar with Combining, Estimating and Inventory

Find out how to use the Combining module, the Estimating module and the Inventory module.

Get familiar with Project management and Production control

Find out how to use the Project management module and the Production control module.

Get familiar with Purchasing and Customer orders

Find out how to use the Purchasing module and the Order Entry module.

Get familiar with Tekla PowerFab Go

Find out how to view and manage information remotely in Tekla PowerFab Go.

Get familiar with Multing and nesting

Find out how to setup and utilize integrations with Tekla PowerFab.