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Update on Log4j vulnerability

As a background, this vulnerability can affect Java-based applications that use certain versions of 'Log4j' logging library that is widely used in business system development, included in various open-source libraries, and directly embedded in major software applications. The vulnerability can allow remote code execution e.g. via user input for an…

Set up and work with integrated software

You can use Tekla EPM together with several integrated software products. Software integrations save you time and work, because you do not need to enter the same information to several software. Among other things, you can use software integrations to mult and nest materials, and visualize IFC models.

Download main Tekla software versions, download latest service packs and environment installers

Questions: How can I download the Main version for my Tekla software product? Where can I download the latest installers when I want to upgrade? Where can I download the latest Service packs for Tekla Structures, Tekla Structural Designer, Tekla Tedds, Tekla PowerFab or all the other Tekla products? Do you have all the latest…

Main version
Service Pack

What happened to my RSS feed?

When the Tekla User Assitance service was improved we aimed to make things simpler for users and as such there is now only one feed for each product. Please unsubscribe to the old feeds and add subscribe to the new ones below. Tekla Structures Tekla Structural Designer Tekla Tedds Tekla EPM

Trimble ID Version 4

Tekla EPM has upgraded Trimble Identity (TID), the sign-in functionality used for fast and secure access to Trimble software products, toTIDv4.The newTIDupgrade includes significant security and user experience features designed to protect your company's data, while also providing a more seamless user experience,…

License Service

Tekla EPM Archiving Jobs


After prolonged use you may experience a long listing of jobs in the program. It is rare that this will actually affect the performance of the program, but can make it more cumbersome to select jobs in several areas of the program. The number one way to deal with this issue is the use of job statusto be able to close jobs…

archiving jobs
tekla epm archiving
tekla epm archive

changes in Tekla EPM

We are updatingTrimble Identity with additional features and improved security. If you are using a version older than Tekla EPM 2021, this major change to the sign-in platform requires you to update Tekla EPM so that you can continuesigning in. Without the service pack update, sign-in will continue to work until the end of the year…

changes in Tekla products and services

Tekla products use Trimble Identity for all online features and services that require you to sign in. We are now excited to launch a new Trimble Identity. The improved Trimble Identity: Keeps your data safe with the latest technologies. Conformsto the latest security standards. Will giveyou additional features to make signing in more…

Trimble identity
trimble account

Tekla EPM 2021 SP2

Tekla EPM 2021 SP2 is now available in Tekla Downloads.

Tekla EPM 2020i SP3

Tekla EPM 2020i SP3 is now available in Tekla Downloads.