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Maintain Stock Quantities with Stock/Reorder

Video file

The Stock/Reorder feature in Tekla PowerFab can help you make sure required inventory and consumables are always on hand.

Export to PowerFab Bolt XML data

Prerequisite Knowledge

Bolt catalog properties Bolt assembly catalog properties How the bolt catalog and bolt assembly catalogs work together

Default data included in XML file

Data Description Example Data PartId Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) of the bolt…

export to epm
Export to PowerFab
XML Files

Tekla PowerFab Integrations

♦Indicates an integration that's optimized with the Tekla PowerFab API Plate Nesting ♦ Atek Steel Solutions Documentation ♦ Controlled Automation SICAM Documentation Hypertherm…

Invoicing with Stored Material and the AIA G703 Reports

Our interpretation of AIA Contract Documents document Payment Application Procedure G703 Continuation Sheetis: the stored materials column should only include the value of materials currently stored and not previously stored and currently fabricated (completed). The AIA Contract Documents document Payment Application Procedure G703 Continuation…

AIA style Invoice
Invoice Reports
Pay Application
Pay App
Stored Material

Tekla PowerFab eXchange Release Notes

Version 6.2 EPM-6627 Produces DSTV files in UTF-8 encoding; previous releases producedUTF-8-BOM which wasn't readable by some machines. This version is available starting with Tekla Structures 2022SP4 Version 6.1 EPM-6408 Translated three additional strings on wpf form EPM-6363 Added support for drawing filenames that would be…

Troubleshooting Tekla PowerFab (EPM) Remote Server Service (Go & Automated Events)

Initial Checks

When having issues with Tekla PowerFab Go, there are a few initial items to check: Is the Tekla PowerFab Remote Server service running? Is a Trimble Identity signed-in? Does the signed-in Trimble Identity have the appropriate license? Is something (firewall, anti-virus, etc.)blocking the connection? Is the…

Tekla PowerFab Go
Tekla EPM GO
remote server service
Automated Events
service not running
Trimble identity
Trimble ID
Error Code 110
Error Code 111
Connection Refused
Connection Timeout
not been activated

Access part drawings in Tekla PowerFab Go

It is important to provide shop workers with relevant information when they need it. Thus, you can now view relevant part drawings on cut lists also in Tekla PowerFab Go.

New in Tekla PowerFab Go: Batch move and receive material

Batch receiving and moving is now possible also in Tekla PowerFab Go enabling more fluent inventory operations.

Take from stock now also in Tekla PowerFab Go

You can now consume inventory items such as bolts using Tekla PowerFab Go keeping your inventory always up to date.

Flexibility to swap bar lengths in cut lists

Before cutting a bar, you can select an alternative bar from the inventory. The cut list will be automatically adjusted according to the new bar length without recombining.