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Get started with Tekla EPM

Welcome, let's get you up and running with Tekla EPM! Expand the relevant sections below for step-by-step instructions, videos, and useful links.

Create your Trimble Identity


You need a Trimble Identity to download the software and to use your online licenses:

  1. If you have received an email invitation from Trimble to create a Trimble Identity, follow the instructions in the email to create your account to ensure you have the correct access rights. If you have not received an invitation, create a new Trimble Identity using your work email address so you can download the software. Click here to create a new Trimble Identity.
  2. Go to your email, and click the activation link in the email you receive from
  3. After confirming your email, Log in at, fill in all the required profile information, and click Save.

If you are responsible for managing Tekla EPM users and online licenses, add users to your organization group in the Tekla Online Admin tool to give them full access to Tekla online services and the necessary online licenses.

Download and install Tekla EPM

Download and install

Note: To ensure a good experience using our software, make sure you meet the Tekla EPM Recommended Server Requirements.

  1. Download the installation packages included in Tekla PowerFab from Tekla Downloads. At the site, click Download for a guided experience that ensures you have all necessary files.
  2. Run the installers.

Start using Tekla EPM

  1. Start Tekla EPM and log in using your Trimble Identity when prompted.
  2. If necessary, in the Configuration list of the Log In dialog box, select which configuration of Tekla EPM you want to use.
  3. Type your Tekla EPM username and password.Online licenses are stored in Trimble's cloud service. Licenses can be from your Tekla Online organization, or assigned to you as an external license user in some other organization.
  4. If you purchase your own licenses, you can manage them in the Admin tool. The administrator user(s) in your company are responsible for joining other users to the organization and assigning the licenses to them.
  5. Click Log In.

You are now ready to start using Tekla EPM:

Learn Tekla EPM

Learn Tekla

To get you started quickly, we have several learning resources available for you.

First steps learning in Tekla User Assistance

Basic elearning courses at Tekla User Assistance allow you to practice at your own pace. To get a quick overview of the basics, check out the First steps with Tekla PowerFab course.

Tekla Training Content at

To start your learning journey, use your Trimble Identity to login and enroll to Tekla training courses at

You can browse both elearning and instructor led training courses in the Tekla course catalog.

Further training with your local Tekla reseller

If you haven’t yet found what you’re looking for at Learn, or would like to know more about any of the Tekla training courses, contact your local Tekla reseller who will be happy to help you.

Introduction to Tekla Support Services

Tekla Support Services

Questions? Help is at hand:

  • Tekla User Assistance provides one-stop access to the full product documentation, video tutorials, basic elearning courses, and technical support articles written by our customer support professionals around the world.
  • Tekla discussion forum is the place to meet other users and discuss topics related to Tekla products. You can ask questions, contribute to the community by sharing your knowledge or get answers from support personnel.
  • Tekla helpdesks support the customers' daily operations so that our systems function as expected and any problems are solved as quickly as possible.