Tekla Structures 2024 main page

Tekla Structures 2024

Work and collaborate efficiently - beating the schedule and budget.

Enjoy an easy and self-guided experience with enhancements introduced in Tekla Structures 2024.

Tekla Structural Designer 2024 main page

Tekla Structural Designer 2024

The award-winning 3D analysis and design software now includes Staged Construction Analysis and Masonry design allowing you to accomplish even more in one software.

Tekla Tedds 2024 main page

Tekla Tedds 2024

Leverage the ever-expanding library of transparent structural design calculations, and custom calculation capabilities.

Tekla PowerFab 2024 main page

Tekla PowerFab 2024

Improve communication from office to shop and across the external project parties.

Tekla software 2024 versions are now available.

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