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Engineering library (US Code Design)

The following US design engineering library calculations have been significantly updated for Tedds 2020.


Wood member analysis & design (NDS)

New calculation which checks the design of solid wood, flitch, glulam and structural composite members subject to major axis bending, shear and axial tension or compression. All design is in accordance with the provisions for Allowable Stress Design (ASD) and Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) methods to NDS 2018, NDS 2015, NDS 2012 or NDS 2005.

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In comparison to the Wood beam analysis & design calculation this calculation provides the following benefits:

  • Better analysis options using 2D analysis calculation

  • Automatically generated ASD/LRFD load combinations

  • Improved deflection calculations with creep considered

  • Load duration and time effect factors automatically calculated for each combination

  • Added temperature effect factor

Wood 2D analysis & design (NDS)

New calculation which checks the design of one or more solid wood, flitch, glulam or structural composite members in a 2D frame. The calculations scope is the same as the Wood member analysis & design (NDS) calculation.

RC pile cap design (ACI318)

Enhanced to include a Calc API so that the calculation can be used for automation via the Tedds batch design or the Tedds API. Examples have been added to the Batch design for designs using Steel columns and Concrete columns.

Steel joist design (SJI)

Enhanced in accordance with the SJI 44th edition and now includes load combinations for IBC 2015, IBC 2018, and ASCE 2016. The user interface has also been improved and more flexibility has been added for the output options including user defined notes and a summary table.

Steel member analysis & design (AISC360)

Enhanced user experience to simplify the design of single beams or columns, with improved calculation performance and optimisations which allow designs to be completed more quickly than previously.

Masonry wall panel design (TMS/MSJC), Masonry lintel analysis & design (TMS/MSJC), Masonry lintel design (TMS/MSJC)

Enhanced design in accordance with TMS 402/602-16.

Masonry column design (TMS/MSJC)

Enhanced design in accordance with TMS 402/602-16 and load combinations for IBC2018 and ASCE7-16.

Retaining wall analysis & design (ACI318/TMS/MSJC)

Enhanced design in accordance with TMS 402/602-16 and IBC2018.

Other enhancements

Other enhancements and corrections have been made to the following calculations, for detailed information about these changes select the "New and updated (Tedds 2020)" group in the Tedds Engineering Library and refer to the preview window.

  • RC beam analysis & design (ACI318)

  • RC beam design (ACI318)

  • RC pile cap design (ACI318)

  • Retaining wall analysis & design (ACI318/MSJC)

  • Steel beam analysis & design (AISC360)

  • Steel sheet piling design

  • Wind loading (ASCE7)

  • Wood ledger design (NDS)

  • Wood member design (NDS)

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