2021 SP3: New features and improvements

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

2021 SP3: New features and improvements

Improvements in concrete components

Sandwich and double wall

On the UDA tab, you can now select the shell for each user-defined attribute (UDA) that you define. This allows you to set more UDAs for a certain shell.


Wall layout

  • On the General tab, you can now select from the Main part layer list which layer part is set as the main part of the cast unit. The Default option sets the structural part with the greatest volume as the main part.


  • There are now new options for customizing the content of the UDA tab. In the WallLayout.Udas.dat file, you can now add the tab, label, and endlabel data types to organize the content of the UDA tab according to specific workflows.

    Note that using this function in earlier service packs of Tekla Structures 2021 can result in incorrect loading of setting files.


Embedded anchors (8)

  • On the Placement tab, you can now select in Avoid reinforcement that all reinforcement types are detected in the main part, and define the placement offset to avoid collision with anchors.


  • On the Placement tab, there are changes in the methods for calculating the center of gravity (COG):

    • All connected parts and All connected parts without steel include parts connected by bolts and welds.

    • Assembly and Assembly without steel parts include the parts in the current assembly only.


Hole reinforcements for slabs and walls (84)

You can now specify which point of the slab will be taken as the origin where the creation plane starts. This means that the created reinforcements will be aligned to the slab edge starting from that point.


Reinforcement mesh array in area (89) / Reinforcement mesh array (91)

The following improvements are available on the Overlapping tab:

  • There is now a new mesh offset option for shifting all meshes:

  • When you are creating both the top and the bottom mesh, you can now shorten the starting mesh layer of both meshes separately. This allows you to move the whole mesh layer while the mesh layout defined in Mesh offset is retained.


Concrete console (110), Concrete console (111)

On the Parts tab, it is now possible to rotate the console polygon points.

You can define the direction of the console polygon.


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