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To troubleshoot Tekla Model Sharing issues, the following log files are needed:





When you deliver your model to your local support for investigation, ensure that you include the relevant log files, shown in the image above.

Note the following:

If you join a model that is not open: The \TeklaStructuresModels\TeklaStructures_<username>.log file contains information on the possible issues in joining the model.


\TeklaStructuresModels\<model name>\logs\
All files in this folder, such as modelsharing.log
If you join an open model: The modelsharing.log file of the model contains information on all Tekla Structures sharing actions.

\Tekla DataSharing\ClientLog_cat.txt      or
\Tekla DataSharing\ClientLog_dog.txt
The AppData folder is hidden by default. To access it, you can paste %localappdata% to search in the Windows start menu.
The folder should also contain the sharingfacade.log file with the needed information at the end of the file.
Data sharing (cat/dog) logs contain information on the possible service communication issues found by Tekla Structures.

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