Drawings in multi-user mode

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Drawings in multi-user mode

The multi-user environment is very useful when several users are simultaneously editing drawings.

Tekla Structures saves each drawing in a unique file. These drawing files are located in the drawing folder in the master model folder.

The file is in the format D0000123456.dg. The dg files are part of the model, so you can only open them using Tekla Structures.

dg files contain the locations of views, details of any editing done to the drawing, and the positions of dimensions, part marks, and text. The dg filename does not contain any reference to assembly, part, or multidrawing numbers.

If two users open and save the same drawing in their working models, then save their changes to the master model, one set of changes will be lost. The master model will only contain the changes of the user who most recently saved their working model to the master model. See Saving in multi-user mode.

The Tekla Structures multi-user server assigns the general arrangement drawing numbers automatically. This means that each drawing gets the first free number available. If users A and B both create a general arrangement drawing at the same time, they are automatically assigned different numbers. The same applies to multidrawing numbers.

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