What is Tekla Model Sharing

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Tekla Structures
Tekla 模型共享

What is Tekla Model Sharing

Tekla Model Sharing enables efficient global collaborative modeling within one Tekla Structures model. Tekla Model Sharing gives users the freedom to work with the same model at the same time in different locations and time zones.

With Tekla Model Sharing you can work locally and share the model changes globally. For example, one Tekla Model Sharing team of users can work in New York, one in London and one in Bangkok. They all contribute to the same model, working around the globe during their office hours in different time zones while the model keeps building up all the time.

In Tekla Model Sharing each user has a local version of the model on their computer or on a network drive, and the model data is shared and synchronized over the Internet using a Microsoft Azure cloud sharing service. When a model is shared, it is connected to the cloud-based sharing service. You can check the status of the service at any time.

To easily share your model changes, write out them to the sharing service. When you want to update your model with the changes made by other users, read in the changes from the sharing service.

Even though the changes are shared over the Internet, you do not need to be connected to the sharing service all the time. You need to be online only when you want to write out or read in the changes. This enables offline work if your Internet connection is not always available.

With Tekla Model Sharing you can

  • invite other users to your shared models

  • join someone else's shared models

  • share model changes


Tekla Model Sharing requires a single-user model.

A model cannot be simultaneously shared and used in multi-user mode. If you want to start using multi-user mode as a means to share your model instead of Tekla Model Sharing , you need to first exclude your local version of the model from the sharing service and then convert it to a multi-user model.

The excluded model has no connection to the original shared model in the sharing service. This means that if you exclude your local version of the model from the sharing service and start to use the model in multi-user mode, you cannot later merge the original shared model and the multi-user model.

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