Start sharing a model in Tekla Model Sharing

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Start sharing a model in Tekla Model Sharing

Before you can start sharing your models in Tekla Model Sharing , you need to be logged in with your Trimble Identity in Tekla Structures. If you are not logged in, the Trimble Identity log in dialog box opens.

  1. Open a single-user model you want to share.
  2. On the File menu, click Sharing > Share.

    The Start sharing dialog box opens.

    When you use Tekla Model Sharing for the first time and the on-premises sharing service is enabled, you need to select the service from the Service list. You can set up and use an on-premises service connection, or you can use the Tekla service. Tekla Model Sharing on-premises server requires a separate license and installation.

  3. If needed, enter a Code and a Description for the model.
    • Code can be, for example, a site number, a project number, or an accounting number.
    • Add Description according to your company conventions.
  4. Invite other users to share your model by entering their e-mail addresses to the Invite users box and set their user role either to Editor , Owner , Project viewer , or Viewer.

    You can add several users at one go. Separate the e-mail addresses with semicolons. If you add several users at one go, they all get the same user role. The role can be changed later.

  5. Click the Add button to add the users to the model.
  6. Select whether to send a notification e-mail to the invited users. Select the Send e-mail notification to user. check box and write a message to the invited users, if needed.
  7. Click the Start button to start sharing your model.

    The model is saved and written out to the sharing service.

Next time you open the model, you can open it

  • on the Welcome page when you open Tekla Structures. Either click the Shared models... button on the All models tab, or select the shared model from the list of models. Shared models have the cloud icon.

  • in File > Open.

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