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Print to multiple sheets

If your drawing is very large, you can print it on multiple sheets. With correct scaling settings, Tekla Structures automatically calculates the required amount of sheets.

The instructions below apply when you are printing using Printer Catalog printer instances, which means that you have set the advanced option XS_USE_OLD_PLOT_DIALOG to TRUE in File menu > Settings > Advanced options > Printing.

Before printing to multiple sheets, make sure that the layout of the drawing supports printing on several smaller sheets. Remember that Tekla Structures automatically adds a 5 mm margin to the printouts.

Also ensure that you have set up the printer instance correctly for printing to multiple sheets.

  1. Open a drawing.
  2. On the File menu, click Print drawing.
  3. In the Print Drawings dialog box, select the printer instance you want to use.
  4. Select the Print on multiple sheets option.
  5. In Scaling , set Scale = 1. This preserves the scale. The number of sheets is rounded up.

    Do not use Auto when you print to multiple sheets.

    Tekla Structures calculates the required amount of sheets needed to print the drawing.

  6. If needed, modify other printing settings and add frames and fold marks in the printout.

    If you set Orientation to Auto , Tekla Structures selects an orientation that results in the smallest number of printed sheets.

Tekla Structures prints the drawing to multiple sheets so that it prints the lower right corner the first, and the upper left corner the last (see the numbered sheets in the example below).

If you want to have drawing frames and/or the title blocks for each smaller size sheet, you need to use proper table layout as shown in the example below.


Use the advanced option XS_​PRINT_​MULTISHEET_​BORDER to set borders that are left out from the smaller sheets.

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