Print multiple drawings with different sizes in one go

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Print multiple drawings with different sizes in one go

You can print multiple drawings from the Drawing list , and print drawings of different sizes at the same time.

The instructions below apply when you are printing using Printer Catalog printer instances, which means that you have set the advanced option XS_USE_OLD_PLOT_DIALOG to TRUE in File menu > Settings > Advanced options > Printing.

  1. In the Drawing list , select the drawings you want to print.
  2. Right-click the selected drawings and select Print Drawings...
  3. In the Print Drawings dialog box, indicate the printer instances you want to use.

    To select several printer instances, hold down Ctrl and select the printers.

    When you select drawings of several sizes and several printer instances, Tekla Structures sends each drawing to the printer instance that is using the smallest paper size on which the drawing will fit. For example, if you have two printer instances selected, one A4 and one A3, Tekla Structures will send A4 drawings to the A4 printer instance and A3 to the A3 printer instance.

  4. Set Scale to 1.

    This makes it possible for Tekla Structures to select and use the printer instance that is using the correct paper size.

  5. If necessary, modify other printing settings and add frames and fold marks in the printout.
  6. Click Print.
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