Create general arrangement drawings

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Create general arrangement drawings

When you create general arrangement drawings, remember to load the closest possible predefined properties in the drawing properties first, then modify the properties if needed, and then create the drawing.

Before you create general arrangement drawings, create the model views that you need and ensure that the views are as you want them to be in drawings. The drawing views will have the same orientation and content as the model view you select. A good idea is to fit the work area in the model view using two points to select the area that you want to show in the general arrangement drawing.


General arrangement drawings get overwritten if you recreate them. If you want to create another general arrangement drawing of the same model view, give another name to the drawing in drawing properties.

  1. Create the model views you need.

    If you want to switch between 3D view and plane view in the created view, press Ctrl+P.

  2. On the Drawings & reports tab, click Drawing properties > GA drawing .
  3. Select the appropriate predefined drawing properties (saved settings) from the list at the top and click Load.

    Always load predefined properties when you are creating a drawing. When you need to modify drawing properties, save the new changes to the properties file when necessary.

  4. If needed, modify drawing properties and, if necessary, apply object-level settings.
  5. Click Apply or OK.
  6. On the Drawings & reports tab, click Create drawings > GA drawing .

    Alternatively, you can select the model views from the model (selected views get a yellow frame), right-click and click Create General Arrangement Drawing...

  7. If you have not selected the views yet, select them from the displayed list.

    You can use the Shift and Ctrl buttons for selecting several views.

  8. In the Options list, select if you want to create one drawing for each selected view or add all selected views in one drawing.

    By selecting Empty drawing , you can create an empty drawing and add drawing views in it afterwards.

  9. If you want to open the created drawings, select Open drawing.
  10. Click Create.

Tekla Structures creates the drawings and adds them in the Drawing list. You can now open the drawing and also change the drawing properties.

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