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Create drawings in Tekla Structures

Drawing creation is always based on drawing properties, no matter which way you use to create them. Planning and implementing the most suitable drawing settings carefully is very important. You can create drawings one by one, in groups, or you can create all drawings automatically.

Choose the way that meets your needs the best:

  • Create drawings using ribbon and pop-up menu commands.

  • Create drawings using the various master drawing types in the Master Drawing Catalog. Using rule sets is a highly automated process of creating several drawings of different type in one go.

  • Clone drawings on the basis of cloning templates in the current model or in the cloning template models. You can clone drawings in the Master drawing catalog and in the Drawing list.

  • You can increase the level of automation even more by applying detailed object level settings to all of the above mentioned methods. When the level of automation increases, the need for manual modifications decreases. We recommend that you put extra effort in making the automated settings as effective as possible.

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