Copy properties and property references from another object

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Copy properties and property references from another object

You can copy properties, such as names and values, from other objects and use them to determine the properties of a custom component. You can also copy property references. The link is dynamic, so when the property changes, the reference reflects the change. For example, you can use a beam length reference in variable formulas. Even if the length changes, the correct value is always used in calculations.

  1. In the Custom component browser, browse for the object property you want to copy.

    To find the required component object more easily, select it in a custom component view. Tekla Structures highlights the selected object in the Custom component browser.

  2. Right-click the property and select one of the following:
    • Copy Name

      Copies the name of the object. For example, Material.

    • Copy Value

      Copies the value the object currently has. For example, S235JR.

    • Copy Reference

      Copies the link to the property. For example, fP(Material,"ID57720EEE-0000-000E-3134-363730393237").

  3. Right-click where you want to insert the object property, and then select Paste.

    For example, you can paste a reference to the Formula box in the Variables dialog box to use it in a calculation.

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